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Anime Totoro Style by Paisley Roots

Posted on Aug 2, 2016 by in Anime, Season 4 | 1 comment

Hello! It’s Karly from Paisley Roots, back with some Anime goodness! It’s no secret that I love Studio Ghibli and when it came down to it, I couldn’t resist making Totoro.
Totoro was my first taste of Studio Ghibli. It came out on Fox in 1993 and is about two sisters who become friends with a magical forest creature. I could always relate to Satsuki and her relationship with her sister Mei because the age difference was similar to me and my sister and our personalities were pretty similar to the characters too. And it’s just a cool movie all around.


Enough about the movie! Lets talk about the look!
I started off with Brindille & Twigs Harem Coverall then added the hood from their Hoodie pattern. The neckline is still accommodating enough for Jude to easily slip it on and off, which is just amazing.
The “Totoro” appliques I made and there will be a tutorial on my blog later this week for them for any other Totoro loving peeps out there! (Talking to you Emi!)
Of course Totoro had to spend some time in the tree’s during his photoshoot.
You can check some other pictures of him on Instagram.
Thanks for having us on!

1 Comment

  1. Yay! This is the cutest ever!! And I’ll be looking out for that tutorial post, Karly 😉

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