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“Basketcase” Breakfast Club Inspired Headband Tutorial

Posted on Aug 26, 2015 by in 1980's Films, Season 3 | 0 comments


Hello there! Courtney here from The Wholesome Mama! Ok, I am going to be honest here for a minute. I LOVE LOVE LOVE 80’s movies, but I was NOT feeling inspired by any means for a tutorial. There are so many favorites that I have from the 80’s that it was hard to pick just one, but by far my favorite is and always will be The Breakfast Club. BEST. MOVIE. EVER. I decided to watch it to refresh my memory, in hopes of it sparking an idea for a tutorial. I had nothing. So, I turned to good ole’ faithful Facebook for some help. Thankfully I have some great friends, one of which suggested a tutorial for a scrunchie. HAHAHAHA…that was a great idea. What was even better was that it sparked the perfect idea for me. I was back to the Breakfast Club. Remember when Allison, AKA The Basketcase, was given the “makeover” by Claire? She had that beautiful headpiece on that pulled her hair away from her face. That was it!!!! So without further adieu, I give to you The Breakfast Club “Basketcase” inspired headband tutorial.

  • needle & thread
  • hot glue gun
  • various trims & lace
  • FOE (fold over elastic)
  • pearls/beads
  • scrap of felt

1. Lay out your scrap of felt. This will be the base of your headpiece that you will attach all of your embellishments to.
2. Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end. Create a gathering stitch along one edge of your trim or lace *By simply weaving in and out with your needle, you will create a gather.
3. Pull your stitches taught and decide how tight you want your rosette to be.
4. Arrange your trim/lace so that it creates a rosette. I folded over some of the trim because it was really wide, making it a bit fuller and looking more like a rosette. I threaded my needle again, and while holding the rosette, I took a few stitches straight up and down in the center to hold everything in place. Optionally you can use hot glue here, but I didn’t want it to get stiff from all the glue.
5. Repeat steps 2-3 with your other trims.
6. I used a small dot of hot glue in the center of my lace trims and added some pearl details.
7. Using some foil dot tulle, I made a large bow and placed it down onto my base.
8. Once again, take a few stitches, attaching the bow to the base to hold it into place. Once attached, I fluffed the bow a little to make it more full.

9. Arrange your rosettes onto your base according to how you want your headpiece to look.
10. Take note of how much of your base you will need to attach your rosettes. I then trimmed the extra felt that was not needed.
11. Attach your rosettes on top of the bow and to your base by taking stitches directly up through the base and through the rosette. Make sure to attach each rosette securely.
12. Just look at that beautiful headpiece you have created!
13. Now it’s time to make your headband. Using your FOE, cut to length that is needed. Measure your wearer’s head first and subtract 2″. Using 1/2″ seam allowance, sew short ends of elastic together.
14. Open up the seam allowance and sew each side down at 1/4″ creating a nice flat seam.
15. Showing right side of flat seam.
16. Attach your base to your elastic by stitching all the way around the edge, and making sure to get a bit of the rosettes in each stitch to further secure it. And you are done!

This would make a great headband for so many occasions. You could essentially create so many looks by making rosettes with scraps of fabric, maybe some yo-yo’s. So many ideas to make it as fancy or casual as you would like. Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to geek out over my favorite 80’s movie, The Breakfast Club.

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