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BB-8 Skirt Tutorial by BeriBee Designs

Posted on May 13, 2016 by in Season 4, Star Wars | 0 comments


Hey All!! Carrie here from Beri Bee Designs. I am so excited to be joining CraftingCon this year!! My first share is a quick tutorial for a BB8 inspired skirt. Best part about this is its super affordable and doesn’t even require hemming!!

So for my skirt I picked up a few shirts from the men’s department, just cheap tees. I used 3X because I wanted it to be a little fuller but depending on the size you need you could go smaller. Nice part about the larger sizes is I can probably get at least 2 more skirts out of what was left over (only I’d have to hem the next ones)


Next the calculations… My finished skirt was 14” long so I’ll share those with you, and if you need a different size I’ll share how to get those.

Take the length that you want your skirt to be and for each strip you will multiply by the following percentages and round to the closest ¼”


So for my skirt I my measurements looked like this –

White – 3.5”
Gray – 2”
White – 2”
Orange – 2”
White- 5”
Orange- 2”
Gray – 2”

Start with your gray, line up the bottom hem as closely as you can and then cut your bottom 2” (or whatever size you needed) piece. This gives you the finished hem to use for the skirt.


Continue cutting each color until you have all your strips cut. You can lay them out to be sure you sew them in the right order.

The beauty of cutting these from a shirt is there is also no side seams, since they are already in a tube-like form.


Now take your bottom strip and the first orange right sides together and sew. Open that up and take the next strip up right sides with the orange and sew. This won’t have to stretch so you can use a serger like I did or if you only have a sewing machine just use a regular straight stitch.



Continuing adding the stripes in this fashion until you have them all connected. The inside will look like this –


Go ahead and press the seams all one direction.

To make the waist we are going to fold the top white section down on itself wrong sides together, so that the edge of the fabric matches up with the edge you connected the white/gray together.




Sew all the way around the waist, leaving about 3 inches to feed your elastic through.


Cut your elastic based on the waist of whoever you’re sewing for, minus 1”. My daughter’s waist measures 24”, so my elastic was 23”. I used 1” elastic but if your top piece is bigger than mine, you may want to use something a bit wider.

Feed the elastic through, making sure it doesn’t twist as you go. Holding both cut edges overlap them ¼” and zig zag over them connecting the elastic.


Let the newly connected elastic back into the skirt and then stitch the opening closed.


Voila!! That was it! How have your droid lover try it on and pat yourself on the back!


Then hope you can get her to smile…


Thanks everyone for following along, I really hope you get a chance to give this a try! And feel free to apply it to any other theme you might need, it’s such a simple skirt its worth making a few!

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