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Castle in the Sky Inspired by Giddyants

Posted on Sep 23, 2015 by in Season 3, Studio Ghibli | 0 comments


Hi my name’s Alex and you’ll find me over at my blog Giddyants.  I was so excited when I was able to be a contributor to CraftingCon and was instantly inspired by the Studio Ghibli theme.

 At first I had too many ideas from too many films, but eventually narrowed it down to Castle in the sky.  I love the story and characters in this film and recently rewatched it with my daughter.  Again I had a lot of ideas, inspired by Sheeta’s pirate uniform and Pazu’s pants and vest, but eventually I settled on the beautiful blue/purple dress Sheeta wears as she floats down from the sky in the beginning.  I’m a fairly simple person in my tastes and the simple but beautiful lines and silhouette of that dress really struck me.

I was a bit stumped on getting the right color originally.  To me it looked like a navy dress but then in the film one of the characters refers to it being purple!  Luckily I found this perfect shade of indigo blue which seems a perfect cross between the two colours.  I also found a lovely light aqua blue for part of the lining which is a shame you can’t see!


I used the Louisa dress pattern from Compagnie-m as my base and altered it to suit my design.  I exaggerated the a-line shape of the skirt and added some length.  That ended up being a bit too much as I had a shorten it by about an inch.  I used the 3/4 length sleeve piece and widened it a bit as well.  I added a notch at the neckline too.  This is the first time I have ever really hacked or altered a pattern like this so I was a bit nervous.  Luckily everything seemed to match up and it looked just right.

I was worried it looked a bit plain so I added some red bias trim to the hem of the sleeves as a nod to the red headband Sheeta wears throughout the movie.
I’m pleased how it turned out.  I love that shade of blue and the dress itself.

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