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Cosplay Costumes with Stylin’ Stacy

Posted on Oct 9, 2016 by in Costume Party | 0 comments

Hello! I am Stacy and I blog at Stylin’ Stacy. The costumes I tend to make these days are centered around cosplay characters. They serve dual purposes as my kids wear them to a convention in the spring and then Halloween in the fall. I usually have to add cloaks or some such to their fall wearing as Halloween here is rather chilly.

Here are a few of the costumes I have made and some links to more details on them.


Photo shoot

Accessories and dress – making of

Connor – Assassin’s Creed III

Photo shoot

Making of: Pants and vest, Jacket, beaded arm bands, vambraces, tomohawk and other accessories


Photo Shoot (not a great one for this!) and costume details

Wizard – Clash of Clans

Photos and Costume details

Ciri and Geralt – The Witcher III

Photo Shoot

Making of Ciri: Corset, Shirt, pants and accessories

Making of Geralt: Costume

These costumes take a lot of time, are expensive, but the kids feel absolutely awesome in them. I spend months working on these costumes, and just trying to figure out how to make the different pieces. There is nothing purchased on them, except their shoes. I make everything, even their weapons. There is nothing like going to a convention and having people stop them, compliment them and ask to take pictures of how awesome they are. I get a thrill, too, as their creator!

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