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DJ Pon-3 inspired by The Wholesome Mama

Posted on Jul 14, 2015 by in My Little Pony, Season 3 | 7 comments

DJ Pon-3 inspired by The Wholesome Mama | CraftingCon

* Don’t forget to read Courtney’s interview, and link up your MLP creations*


Hi! I am Courtney from The Wholesome Mama and I am super excited to be here today. I came across Crafting Con a few months ago, and I am so glad that I did. My kiddos geek out over all kinds of different characters, so I knew that we would fit in well.

When I saw that My Little Pony was the theme for this month, I just knew that I HAD to do it. My daughter is just a little obsessed with them…to say the least! Because I wanted her to be a really big part of this whole creative process, I let her decide which pony that she wanted to use for inspiration. She chose DJ Pon-3!!! We are all super big music lovers at our house, so I was really looking forward to working on her outfit. This is the photo that we used for inspiration from My Little Pony Rainbow Rocks.

Maybe I am just an 80’s girl and still love Punky Brewster, but I really like this outfit. It’s funky, but all the colors work really well together. We started with some leggings that had both the turquoise and purple legs. I used cotton lycra from Purple Seamstress Fabrics (LOVE all her solids, and great quality also) and the Dandelions and Dungarees Basic Leggings pattern. We have made them before and they are such a perfect fit.

Next I made her a tank top, using the same purple cotton/lycra, from the Posh Popover from Love Notions. To make the tank, I discarded the top crop layer, and used bindings for the arms and neck instead. It makes the perfect tank really!!!! To give it a bit more flare, I found a heart music symbol (not sure what the technical term is for this symbol) and cut it out of some purple glitter HTV I got HERE. I have never used the glitter vinyl before, so I thought that it would be kind of rough and hard to transfer, but it was super easy to work with, was nice and soft after transferred and the final product looks really amazing. I think that I will be stocking up on some more here pretty soon!

Next up was the skirt. I found some black and white music note fabric from Joann’s and dyed it yellow using Rit dye (I prefer Dharma Trading procion dyes, but didn’t have enough time to order them). I just made a basic tiered skirt using my daughters measurements ***1.5 x waist measurement for the top tier and 2.4 x waist measurement for the bottom tier*** I added some purple lace to the bottom of the skirt for a little more detail.

Lastly, to recreate the cropped hoodie it took a little more work. I ended up using Love Notion Dashing Vest (FREE pattern) and mashed it with her Mallory dress. I really like how it turned out and am working on a tutorial that will be out very soon. I added the little tabs for the snaps to the front,  mimicking those on our inspiration photo.

Accessories…..what’s a cute outfit without a few little accessories?!?! Using some leftover scraps of cotton/lycra, I cut a few strips out and braided them together for a belt. We grabbed our sunglasses, headphones and iPod and were ready to go!!!!

I absolutely LOVED the creative process of making this outfit and spending time collaborating with my daughter. It is something that I am sure we will remember for years to come. I thank Crafting Con for all of the the inspiration and opportunity to participate this month.


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  1. Super Cute! Really like the two tone leggings.

  2. You did a great job on this! I love that little vest. She looks like she loves it. 🙂

  3. Very nice! I like the whole outfit. My daughter loves MLP and I’m actually debating on making on for this theme. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. This is cute and perfect for a tween MLP fan. I love it.

  5. This is adorable! I love it. And I think I would totally wear that shirt or skirt in a grown up size!


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