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E. T. Inspired by House of Estrela

Posted on Aug 18, 2015 by in 1980's Films, Season 3 | 1 comment

*Get to know Magda by reading her interview, and then link up your 1980’s Film inspired sewing!*
Hello everyone! I am Magda E. and I usually blog at House of Estrela. Last year I had the chance to guest post for Crafting Con, and today I am back here as a competitor for the first time. Movies from the 80’s seemed like a lot of fun, but it was also a very hard job to pick one. I would pick one and then another and so on, and time was passing and I couldn’t make my mind… Then I stopped thinking for a while and try to remember any movie from that decade. The only one I could really remember a few scenes from was E.T. – the extra-terrestrial. It’s a movie from 1982 and I was born in 1983, so obviously I only watched it on tv a few years later, but it made a great impact in me. I ┬ástill remember where I was when I saw it.
I first thought about making an everyday E.T. inspired outfit for my daughter, but then I changed my mind and did something for my little boy instead. The bad part? Try taking photos to an unstopable one year old and you’ll see. It wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t some sort of refashioning in this, right? I used a piece of fabric from my stash for the shorts, but I used 2 women t-shirts and sleeves left from a previous refashion (I think you might like that one, also movie inspired).
Let’s start with my favourite piece, the t-shirt. I confess I was pretty tempted to make a replica of the red hoody, but I refused to. I used┬áMuse of The Morning’s Billy Bright Eyes Snappy Tee pattern. I started by searching for a stencil picture of E.T., printed it and used a paper knife to cut it and then paint it in the white shirt with a brush with fabric ink. With a fabric marker I free handed the famous quote from the movie “ET phone home”. I used a green one because all my darkest ones are ruined by now. Then I cut the front of my shirt from there, reusing the bottom hem. I used the black shirt for the back and collar, and also reused the exisiting hem. I resized the stripped sleeves I had saved and put the new shirt together. I loved it even more than I had imagined.
I used a pattern from the Patrones magazine for the bottoms. The shorts have an elastic in the waist back, they closure with a button at each side and have two more buttons in the front. Those are merely decorative. Inside right where these stand, I have sewn two metalic snaps, they are used to attach the stripes of fabric to make some sort of bretele. They also attach to the shorts in the back, with two visible kam snaps. He can wear them with or without them for a more dressier or relaxed look. I like it both ways.
I had planed a complete for G. as well, I actually finished a blazer for her and have a top ready to sew, but those won’t be part of this. I was pretty happy with these two pieces after all, so I’ll leave those for later. The hubby liked it too, he insisted I should have written “E.T.” instead of “ET” though because french people would read it as a “and”… oh, like I care… (nothing against french people, here!). Thank for the oportunity and I hope you guys like it. It will surely be worn a lot around here.

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  1. Great job Magda! I remember when I saw ET for the first time. It was on my uncle’s brand new Beta VCR. It was the first one we ever saw.

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