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Everyday Wonder Woman by Climbing the Willow

Posted on Nov 28, 2015 by in Justice League, Season 3 | 0 comments

Hi! I’m Teri from Climbing the Willow!  I’m back again after last month’s Adventure in Space post.  I’m such a geek that I would contribute every month if I could!

This month the CraftingCon theme is DC Comics characters, including my favorite from when I was a kid, Wonder Woman!  I think one of my favorite things I ever owned was my Wonder Woman Underoos when I was Mae’s age.  I even remember asking for them for Christmas.  Which makes me wonder just how weird of a kid I was.  I mean, what kid asks for underwear for Christmas, no matter how cool they are?!

Wonder Woman has come a long way since the blue star underwear and the red bustier.  I was watching the trailers for the new Batman vs. Superman movie, and I’m pretty sure the Wonder Woman character played by Gal Godet wouldn’t be caught dead in that getup!  So I though I would make Mae an everyday, ever-so-slightly kick-butt (she’s only four after all) version of Wonder Woman’s outfit.  Although someone should probably remind Mae that she’s only four since she acts more like a 15 year old than her actually 15 year old big sister!

I started with the leggings which have a bit of blue like the original Wonder Woman outfit, but are darker, more muted colors like the new movie.  I used the Dressage Leggings pattern from Jennuine Designs.  I had to go up a size since the denim I used for the panels has no stretch,but I thought the pattern worked well even without the stretch.  I’m looking forward to making another pair with some faux leather.  Maybe Mae can be Batman next!

The shirt is something I made for Mae a while ago, but she really only needs one red shirt, so I made do.  It actually worked perfectly, which was good since I really didn’t have time to make that piece too.

The jacket was by far the most complicated part of the outfit.  The leggings and top were fairly quick and simple, but the jacket had several pieces and lots of topstitching, so it took a bit longer.  It’s wasn’t difficult from a sewing perspective, just time consuming.  I use the Jaxon Jacket from Blaverry Patterns with a few modifications.  I wanted a streamlined look, so I eliminated the front flap pockets, the hood, and the fold over collar.  I also chose not to add snaps to the front placket, although I might go ahead and add them later.  I haven’t decided yet 😉  Mae didn’t seem to care that it didn’t have any.  She wore it for the entire day on Thanksgiving and probably would have slept in it too if I didn’t make her take it off for bed!

I love this picture with Mae’s “cape.”  Although the outfit doesn’t actually have a cape, the high low hem on the shirt sure looks like one.  And, in my opinion, Wonder Woman should have a cape if she wants one.  I know Mae does 😉

This is the only picture I have that actually does justice to the sheen of this fabric.  It’s a lovely dark denim with a gold metallic finish.  It looks even better on sunny days!

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