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Flashdance Inspired by Pienkel

Posted on Aug 11, 2015 by in 1980's Films, Season 3 | 2 comments

*Don’t forget to read Nienke’s Interview, and link up your 1980’s Film inspired creations!*


Hi, it’s me again, Nienke from the blog Pienkel! After my tutorial for last month’s CraftingCon theme I’m here as a competitor this time ’round… Just like the My Little Pony theme, this one is full on youth sentiment as well. I was born in 1979, so the eighties really are the years of my childhood. However, even though I lived the era and did a minor in Film and Television Studies at university, I went to IMDB to doublecheck out which movies were really from that decade. And I was carried away completely, those definitely are my kind of movies! It was hard to narrow down my choice, but since our eldest girl is an avid dancer and gymnast, I went with Flashdance!



Do you know the movie? Not the best storyline at all, about a young woman who is a welder by day and dancer by night, but the 80’s soundtrack is amazing and just makes me want to dance all night long.


My main source of inspiration was the cover look, where Jennifer Beals is sitting in a grey sweater. Actually she doesn’t seem to be wearing much more than that. In the rest of the movie she’s mainly wearing either coveralls, or barely there leotards, so I had to come up with a somewhat more wearable and age-appropriate combination that still had the same vibe…



The sweater was a good starting point though. The grey Flashdance sweater has a boxy shape and a wide neckline, hanging off one shoulder. The neckline and sleeves are unfinished, left to curl. I chose the Julia Sweater by Compagnie M as a basis. A while ago, I made this pattern for myself (it’s the red sweater in this blog post, if you’re curious), so I knew it would be perfect for the project. It has a wide shape, with subtle batwing sleeves. The pattern comes with cuffs and a waistband, but to achieve the correct 80’s look, I omitted those and lengthened the bodice a bit instead. I widened the neckline a bit and left all edges raw. This worked out fine, since I used a fabulous knit, soft and stretchy, especially ordered for me by Joyfits.



The sweater was paired with black yogapants, since I didn’t think our 7 years old girl old enough to dance around in nothing but undies and a sweater… The yogapants fit the casual look of the sweater and the dance theme of the movie.



The pattern for the pants is the Girl’s Everyday Yoga Pants by Greenstyle Creations. I made her one last year and since then she has only gone upwards, her old pants still fit, but were too short, so I made a size M with quite some extra length to come up with a proper fit. If you make this pattern for the first time though, do check the size against some pants or leggings that fit well, since in my experience the measurement chart does not make sense, our girl should have gone with an XL then, whilst the M is perfect in width. However, I love the fit once you’ve got the correct size.



I used a black knit from my stash, one with lots of spandex or elasthan, to provide room for my little gymnast to move around and dance to her heart’s content.

CraftingCon-Pienkel-FlashdanceBoth she and I love the outfit, it is comfortable enough to dance in, yet cute enough to wear to school. Plus, a feature she doesn’t appreciate (yet?), it has an amazing eighties vibe. Now, I’m off to watch some more dance movies, thanks for having me over!

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  1. okay I remembered the wrong title but I was thinking aboyt the right one, this is the one were she pulls her bra from her sleeve right? Nice yoga set.

    • Yeah, I think you’ve got the right one Miranda, though I must confess that I fast-forwarded much of it this time around, just looking at outfits 😉 Not the best 80’s movie, but I love the soundtrack!


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