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Freezer Paper Cutie Marks Tutorial with Pienkel

Posted on Jul 28, 2015 by in My Little Pony, Season 3 | 0 comments

MLP Freezer Paper Stencil Cutie Marks Tutorial txt xsmallHi, nice to be here! I’m Nienke, blogger at Pienkel. Though I have three kids who all love ponies, they are more interested in the real deal and no fan of My Little Pony. For me however, it is full on youth sentiment. I adored MLP as a kid and crafted complete countries for my bright plastic ponies. So, when reading the prompts for this season of CraftingCon, I immediately realised I wouldn’t make the kids happy with a MLP outfit, but couldn’t resist joining in the fun myself. Therefore, I made you a little tutorial on how to add cutie marks to a garment with freezer paper stencilling.

To show this off, I used my own Hiekka pattern, which will be released in a few days, on July 31st! The Hiekka skirt is a lined wrap skirt with options for a round edge on the front. It can be made fully reversible as well, so perfect for this project! The round edge vaguely resembles the round shapes of the cuddly ponies, the reversible option enabled me to include two different cutie marks and the ribbons at the top can be made matching with the colour scheme of the pony. Adding a mane-like ruffle to the skirt could be fun as well…

MLP Hiekka wrap skirt pink xsmall

However, you could add cutie marks to anything of course, to homemade garments, to storebought t-shirts or even to interior textiles such as pillow cases. When adding a stencil to a homemade garment, I prefer to stencil before sewing it up. This way, if I mess up, I don’t have to do everything over, just cut one new piece. Second piece of advice is to carefully read how to use your brand of textile paint and marker. Each brand has its own way of fixating the paint.

So, on to the tutorial now!

MLP suppllies xsmall


– All requirements for the garment or project that you will be embellishing;

– Freezer paper;

– Textile paint;

– Paint brush or sponge;

– Textile markers;

– Sharp knife;

– Iron;

– Template. I made a template of four cutie marks, which you can download here, but there are many good images of cutie marks online to use as well.

MLP Freezer Paper Collage xsmall

Cut the shapes of the cutie mark out of the freezer paper. I do this by placing the printed template on top of the freezer paper and cutting through both layers at once. Make sure you have the freezer paper placed with the shiny side down! Iron the freezer paper template onto your fabric.

Carefully paint the shapes. Don’t use too much paint, this might cause the paint to bleed under the freezer paper. Let dry completely and peel off the freezer paper.

Add details such as the balloon ribbons with textile markers.

I added some blue accents into the blue diamonds with textile marker as well.

Finish the garment as usual and have fun with your childhood memories!

MLP Hiekka wrap skirt xsmall

If you’d like to stay up to date with my projects or with the release of my Hiekka pattern, subscribe to my newsletter here! There will be a special release-discount for subscribers… 😉



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