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Friendship is Magic Inspired– Phat Quarters

Posted on Jul 9, 2015 by in My Little Pony, Season 3 | 2 comments

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Hi! I am Gemia from Phat Quarters and I am delighted to be here today to share you with you my creations. My Little Ponies were one of my favorite cartoons while I was growing up. They have changed a bit over the years, but the story lines are still simple, sweet, imaginative, and fun! I would use all these same words to describe my darling daughters. So, I could not pass up a chance to participate in this months competition. What is My Little Ponies without the friendship that they share? And how can you share a friendship (or sisterhood) when you are jealous that mom made only one of you something!?! So of course we have 3 My Little Pony inspired outfits that my girls plan to wear everyday from here on out! Can you guess who is who? Let me help you out by sharing my creations in a little more detail.

First we have to head over to the Golden Oak Library to find two great patterns and a book on drafting. To complete this pony’s shorts I used Terra’s Treasures Long Beach Board Shorts, some bright and wild licensed My Little Pony fabric, a dash of Hot Pink Quatrefoil fabric, and handmade coordinating pipping using stash fabric! With a bit of magic, these amazing shorts appeared and fit beautifully. (If only it really worked that way!) The top half of our design comes from another book from Violette Field Threads, It’s called Allie. I reversed the pin-tucks, added layer for a pop of color, and tried out a zipper for the some extra details. This little pony sparkles with style and joy!

Sporting her new look, this talented unicorn leaves the library and heads off for a cupcake at Sugarcube Corner. Here we meet another sweet little pony who is full of life and laughter. She is wearing hot pink Coachella Shorts and a 3-tiered version of Violette Field Threads’, Annie Dress -also in pinks of course. This little socialite is thrilled with all the textures and details that are in her outfit and she is super excited to prance around town in it.

As these two friends enjoy their cupcakes outside of the confectionery wonder that is the bakery, our last pony dashes through the crystal blue sky leaving a brilliant rainbow cascading behind her. She is wearing the Geo Dress, by Sew Straight & Gather. It’s multi-panel design is perfect for this Wonderbolt traniee. This kind pony allowed me to use up a bunch of my scrap knits in purple, pink (preferred over red as a favorite color), blue, and orange! A bit much, yes – but it works and fits this courageous, outgoing pony perfectly! As her hoofs finally touch the ground, these three ponies stand side by side and realize that even though they fight over silly things, chase each other all over Ponnyville, and even wish they could trade their cutie marks; in the end they are an amazing trio and

Friendship (and sisterhood), truly is Magic!

Thanks for enjoying this episode inspired by the characters and scenes from My Little Pony. We all had so much fun picking out fabrics and patterns, sketching backgrounds, leaping through the air for the perfect shot, and of course sewing up some geeky love!


  1. So cute! Love the backgrounds!


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