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Hermione’s Red Dress by Inspinration

Posted on Sep 28, 2016 by in Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Season 4 | 0 comments

Hi, it is Miranda from Inspinration again. Today, is already my third appearance on the Craftingcon blog! I have already showed you my take on mysteries and anime, this time I had the honor to sew Harry Potter style. I had never sewn anything Harry Potter inspired, but it seems that I am one of the few. There is so much inspiration on the web, that I could not immediately decide, how I was going to add something.



img_6911While brainstorming in my head, I got the idea to make the ball gown of Hermione, from when she goes to dance in the Goblet of fire. I prefer the books over the movies, but I of course searched for images of the film. The ball gown did not give me enough inspiration for an every day look (which I was going for). I continued my search for a Hermione dress and then I saw her red dress from the wedding (last book), which won me over instantly.


The dress I made for my three year old is clearly inspired and not a try to copy the original. I made the dress from a left over red thick jersey (probably punto di roma). I did not have enough for a circle skirt (every girls dream). The A line skirt still looks full due to the thickness of the material. I used the selvage of the fabric to finish the arm holes and neckline. The selvage have some frills that reminded me of the lace that in the original design.


The eye catcher of the dress is of course that flower. It looks crazy sophisticated (at least to me), but it was really super easy to make. I used this tutorial, and I made the flower while watching tv (it was finished during one episode of Elementary). I ruffled a long strip for the waist detail. I considered doing the same for the shoulders, but seeing she will wear this the coming months with a cardigan, I decided against it (I did not want the extra bulk). See you next time!


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