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Hi Ho Cherry-O! with Sew Starly

Posted on May 25, 2015 by in Board Games, Season 2 | 0 comments


I’m Starly, I blog over at Sewstarly. I am so excited to be a competitor for Craftingcon Board Games Month! When I was selecting which game to choose I wanted to go back to games I played when I was a kid. I didn’t have to think too long as the perfect one happened to be the first board game I ever played, Hi Ho Cherry-O.

Hi Ho Cherry-O is a counting game, suitable for ages 3 and up. It’s a great game for learning basic game skills like taking turns. It’s also good for practicing counting skills. The object of the game is to get 10 cherries in your basket. Players take turns using the spinner, that tells you how many cherries you take off the tree. I played this game with my little brother a lot as a young kid. I remember that he couldn’t count yet. I might have cheated a little 😛


From the old school Cherry-o game (The newest version has updated images) I was inspired by the little boy in overalls. I wanted to do something that looked close to overalls turned into a basket of cherries. I found this amazing Photo Realistic basketweave and paired with Pam Kitty Picnic Cherries.




The pattern is the Reagan Romper from E-Beth Designs. I just love the bubble pockets and gathered bodice on this pattern and that the straps if done in contrast fabric give an Overalls effect.






The hat is inspired by the big green Cherry tree. I used the Free Ribbed Beanie from Delia Creates. I added a little cherry patch from my stash. It used to be an iron on patch but all the sticky wore off. I fixed it up with a little fusible web.


Sadly we don’t currently have Hi Ho Cherry-O. I thought for sure we did and then when I went to the game cabinet to take it out for play and photos, I found Apples to Apples instead =( Now my daughter is obsessed with wanting to play “The Cherry Game” so one is on it’s way from Amazon =)


I wanted a full basket of cherries for the photoshoot until I saw how much cherries were going for right now.. Instead, I filled the basket with mostly fabric and then added a couple pounds of cherries on top..


I loved creating this look. Such a great memory from my childhood and a super fun way to introduce the game to my daughter. It will be here in time for Game Night on Friday so we can play and talk about all the backyard fun we had with the cherries.

Warning: Many cherries were harmed (consumed) during the filming of this post…


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