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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Future by PenSebRox

Posted on Jul 5, 2016 by in Season 4, The Legends of Zelda | 0 comments


Hello again, I’m Rox of PenSeb&Rox and I’m delighted to be sharing my Link inspired look with you today. Let me tell you a little story…


Sometime in the year 2016 a young Link was skateboarding through the woods on his way to find the next piece of the Triforce.



Calamity struck when Link took a tumble, injuring himself and breaking his skateboard!



Fortunately, he spotted a fairy dancing off in the distance.




Not only is this fairy a healer of scuffs and scrapes but she is also an expert on skateboard repair. What a coincidence!



Now Link is ready to continue on with his journey. Hooray!



The whole Link outfit was based on the notion that if Link lived in 2016 his shield would totally double as a skateboard. With that in mind I created a skater look influenced by the various incarnations of Link’s game wardrobe. The shorts is Momma Quail’s Just Chillin Reversible Sweats modded to shorts length in a fine whale cord that had a color texture that reminded me of leather but is much more comfortable for a kid to play in. I made the shorts the day after watching the Game of Thrones episode The Battle of the Bastards and had armor on the mind which lead to the gambeson inspired knee and pocket details. I used Heidi & Finn’s FREE (yay!) Slouchy Beanie pattern for the hat and New Horizon’s Streamline Tee for the raglan.


For the fairy look I was inspired by the early fairy game designs and the circle of hearts that would envelop Link during healing. I used the Lil Luxe Collection’s Knit Starlight City Dress pattern for both comfort and the fact that the back reminded me of wings. I originally planned all sorts of dress mods to include actual wings but practicality won out. Any sort of wing mod would have to be removed for washing and riding around in the car. To me, that just meant the wings would inevitably get lost at some point. Probably within the first week. Ha! The dress is super comfortable made from two layers of lightweight jersey, with jersey hearts stitched onto the semi-sheer white layer.


Of course the look would not be complete without Link’s “shield”. I bought a fully assembled skateboard, stripped it down, removed the existing graphics from the deck/wheels, and gave the board a custom paint job by hand. If you are interested in learning a bit more about what I did, or just want to see the “before” pictures, I’ve written a post about it over here.


Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my Legend of Zelda inspired looks! I can be found getting my geek on my blog PenSeb&Rox and on Instagram.


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