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Linkle by Crazy Crafty Haute Mama

Posted on Jul 26, 2016 by in Season 4, The Legends of Zelda | 0 comments

Hi, I’m Tara and I don’t always blog, but when I do I blog at Crazy Crafty Haute Mama. I have one sweet-ish little girl who’s 5 years old and headed to Kindergarten in just one month (pictured above and below and throughout). She has already shown her geek genes in multiple areas and currently tries to read anime subtitles (squeeee)! I am employed by the State of Florida by day and am a closet seamstress by night. This is my 2nd go-round with CraftingCon and when I saw The Legend of Zelda theme I just about died. This is as much for her dad as it is for me. The first round was all for Kiwi. You can see that post here.

The makers of The Legend of Zelda finally did it. They invented a legit character that is essentially a female version of Link. She looks like this and  carries two crossbows and an adorable compass, but I thought to myself…what would a 5 year old Linkle dress like? Well she certainly wouldn’t have crossbows, not if she were my daughter. She would, however, probably sport the latest Hyrulian fashion and her hooded cape. So, I set to work styling my little Linkle.

Naturally, my (fiftieth) thought was a tunic dress. I used the Brownie Goose Cricket Dress as the base. With a rounded hem, keyhole closure and gathered bishop sleeves it has all the makings of a vintage-woodsy vibe. I did want to mimic Linkle’s current outfit and changed the boat neck using the Foo Foo Threads Victorian Romance Wrap Dress neckline.  My machine hates button holes, have I mentioned that? The back has a cute and simple  button loop closure at the keyhole.

I picked up a white cotton with an amazing white tonal design from Joann 
Fabrics. I’m pretty sure this is actual fabric from Hyrule, at least, my even-geekier-than-me friend, Leslie, agreed that it was.

Unfortunately for me, it is a devil to photograph as a whole without getting washed out. As they say, the Devil is in the details and he was messing with me big time.

For the cape, I drafted my own based on this tutorial. I made two circle skirts, one from the outer fabric which is a quilted faux suede, also from Joann’s, and another to line it with a leaf print cotton cut a tiny bit smaller to make a facing for the inside edges. I wanted to make sure litlle Linkle would blend into the forest. The hood was traced from one of her existing hoodies, although smaller. I was was able to sew the cape and hood without any exposed seams, yay me!!
 Another misfortune: her hair is so big the hood doesn’t fit well #momfail, but it looks adorable laying down with the built in lapels. I closed it with a button loop and silver button.

I asked my little warrior to show me what she was made of. I don’t know if she was distressed or confused, but she put up her dukes. All in all the dress will be making an appearance in F-winter (there is no winter in Florida) along with some leggings and boots. And who knowa, maybe mama will get little Linkle some crossbows for her 6th birthday.

Well, I hope you enojyed this post as much as the mosquitoes enjoyed my legs while taking pictures. You can see more of my projects at Crazy Crafty Haute Mama.

Also, I started a fan page for my NEW blog which will focus on flattering and fashionable self care sewing. Look for posts to Sew Haute Blog on Facebook and Instagram. Talk to you later!

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