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Meet the Competitors: Courtney from The Wholesome Mama

Posted on Jul 13, 2015 by in Meet the Competitors | 0 comments

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  1. When did you first discover you were a geek/nerd? I think that I have always known. Ever since I can remember, I have geeked out over different characters, shows, etc.
  2. Which ‘fandoms’ do you belong to? Avengers, My Little Pony, Disney, Nintendo, and Minions (can I classify them on their own???)
  3. When did you first come across My Little Pony, and what was your first impression? My Little Pony has been around since I was a child…before there was even a show…and back when the ponies were much bigger and actually looked like real ponies.
  4. Why did you want to compete this month? My daughter is obsessed with them. We watch them way too much on tv, are obsessed with the blind bags, and anything MLP related.
  5. Does your significant other and/or kids share your nerdy obsessions? My kids are my biggest influence for my nerdiness actually!!!!
  6. Tell me about people you have met while blogging. I am so blessed to have made such great friends in the sewing community. I have learned so much about blogging, technique, design, and SO much more. I am very excited to be here!

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