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Meet the Competitors: Gemia of Phat Quarters

Posted on Jul 9, 2015 by in Meet the Competitors | 0 comments

Gemia Phat Quarters

Hi, my name is Gemia Carroll and I run the fabric shop Phat Quarters, on Etsy, with my friend Leah. We also blog together at Phat Quarters and share a mutual love for Star Wars, amongst other things. I do not think I ever really thought of myself as a geek until I was packing for college and realized that I had more boxes filled with Star Wars toys, 80’s movies, and JRR Tolkien & CS Lewis books, than clothes. I never really got into video games past my Nintendo Mario Brothers & Duck Hunt, but I love to play board games like Risk, Settlers, and Monopoly. I have to admit that I Googled the word ‘fandom’ to be sure I was not missing something – but I am a very busy Mom of five, a wife, and a photographer so I really do not have time to become fanatical. However, I love all things found in galaxies far far away, adventures in Middle Earth, and I love old school 1980’s original cartoons and movies. I love to hike with my family in the Pacific Northwest, where my ‘nerdiness’ continues as we search for Big Foot, a favorite family past-time. Growing up I had plenty of MLP’s figures that pranced around the house with my Cabbage Patch Dolls, were attacked by G.I Joe’s, and eventually lost their cutie marks due to over-loving! While the cartoon has changed over the years, the tag line of “Friendship is Magic” remains and is a great concept for my three girls. I wanted to compete in this months theme because I knew it would be an adventure that I could share with my girls. We had so much fun working on our projects! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



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