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Meet the Competitors: Jen from Just-Joshin

Posted on Sep 7, 2015 by in Meet the Competitors | 0 comments

1. When did you first discover you were a geek/nerd?
I am pretty sure I was a nerd before being a nerd was cool. I was a bookworm in elementary school and socially awkward through high school. (Who am I kidding, my social awkwardness is still prevalent.) I found my people in college, people I could go see all the re-release Star Wars movies in the theaters, people who got me.
2. Which ‘fandoms’ do you belong to?
Star Wars and Disney are definitely the most ingrained. The first movie I saw in the theater was Empire Strikes Back. I had a million little Star Wars figures (Which are sadly long gone.) So I guess my longest fandom is Star Wars. I grew up visiting family in California quite often so I went to Disneyland quite a bit and I’ve always loved Disney. Later on in adulthood I added Harry Potter (the books more than the movies, but they’re OK too) and Studio Ghibli. My husband and kids got me into Superheroes.
3. Which Studio Ghibli film would you want to live in?
I have always loved the background scenery in most of the movies. Gorgeous skies, open fields. It’s hard to pick one, but I think Satsuke and Mei’s house is pretty awesome. It would be so cool growing up there, with a Totoro of course.
4. Why did you want to compete this month?
I LOVE Studio Ghibli. I’ve traveled to Japan a few times and I love the culture, but the movies are so magical and wonderful. They have so many strong characters and beautiful animation. I’ve tried to introduce my kids to as many of the movies as possible, and I know they love them too.
5. What is your favorite post?
I’m not that active on my blog, really I just post Instagram photos mostly. I had a great time when I participated in Crafting last summer. I made these awesome hoodies for my kids and my amazing friend took the most incredible photos. I had some enlarged onto canvases for my walls, I love them so much. My kids still try to wear the hoodies even though they are closer to 3/4 sleeves these days.
6. Does your significant other and/or kids share your nerdy obsessions?
My kids are huge geeks. They’re only 5, but they could name 100 superheroes before they could say the alphabet. One of my sons told me recently he doesn’t know *all* the Star Wars characters, he only knows this one and this one and this one and talked for about 20 minutes naming all the ones he could think of in a row. So yeah, I think my husband and I are doing our part to geekify the next generation.
7. Tell me about people you have met while blogging.
I had an opportunity to go to the Sewing Summit in Utah about two years ago, where I met a lot a amazing people in real life. But I have also made a ton of bloogy friends I’ve never met. I also have a personal blog I started when my twins were born and I am an occasional contributor to, which is a blog for and by moms of multiples. I have made so many friends who really understand me, whether it be the sewing/crafting me or the twin-mom me. It really does create a community.
8. What do you do when you’re not blogging?
Ha! Everything else. I am a pretty bad blogger. I feel like I am in a constant state of thinking I should get back to blogging, then something else takes my time. What free time I do have I have used sewing. This summer I took the kids to anything and everything we could to get them out of the house, so we weren’t really home that much. For a few years I was attempting to run a business, with an Etsy shop, blog, custom sewing orders and stay at home mom. It was just all too much. I shuttered my business last spring, opting to sew for my family and friends instead and spending more time with my family. I have gotten back to where I am enjoying the sewing part again.
9. Have you ever attended ComicCon?
Yes! And it was awesome. I surprised my husband for Father’s day last year with tickets to Comiccon and passes to have our family photo taken with Stan Lee. My kids immediately recognized his voice from Superhero Squad (They’re too young to really fully understand how awesome it was.) but we have the photo framed on our mantel. My crowning achievement of all time was getting a “Well Done, Mom!” from Stan about our outfits, which I made for all of us for the occasion. I can put that on a resume, right?
10. What are your favorite video games?
I am more of a vintage gamer than anything. My one true love is and will always be Tetris. I do play Disney Infinity with the kids occasionally (and our Star Wars Infinity package arrived yesterday so I have some very excited boys at home.) I have been known to play TsumTsum and Angry Birds on my phone, but I am not going pro or anything.
11. What do you enjoy reading?
I used to. Then I had kids. And in my list of things to do, reading sort of fell off entirely. I was too tired for too long. The first grown-up book I have read in half a decade was the new Harper Lee book this summer. It was sort of Meh. To Kill a Mockingbird is a life-long favorite of mine, so it was like catching up with old friends. But it was sort of a mess otherwise. The rest of my reading in the past 5 years has been fraught with mischievous monkeys and cats with cool shoes.
12. What has been your favorite Halloween Costume?
Last year we all dressed up as Star Wars Characters. My kids were hellbent on these Disney Store costumes, but I made Leia and Boba Fett for the grownups. One year at Disney we were all inspired by the movie UP. My husband and I were young Ellie and Carl and the kids were Wilderness Explorers. IMG_0139



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