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Meet the Competitors: Nienke from Pienkel

Posted on Aug 10, 2015 by in Meet the Competitors | 0 comments


1. When did you first discover you were a geek/nerd?

Well, I guess I’m still in denial… At least, regarding the fun and hip part of geekdom. I’m more of a Hermione, the not hip kind of nerd, and have always been so. I love to read, love to study and am too much of a perfectionist. So, to answer the second question [which ‘fandoms’ do you belong to?] immediately as well, I’m not a fan of anything really. Not of cool retro cartoons, popular nerdy characters or anything. However, I was born in the seventies, so many of the themes for CraftingCon are happy instants of youth sentiment.

3. What is the first 1980’s film you remember seeing?

As I said, I was born in the seventies, so most movies I saw as a kid must have been from the eighties. No idea which one was the actual first, but one that I still remember vividly is Neverending Story. Since I had such fond memories of watching it a gazillion times as a kid, I tried to watch it with my eldest, now 7 years old, but it turned out to be not such a nice movie as I remembered, it was pretty scary. However, I just remembered it as a dreamy fairytale. Guess I’d better not watch all my other old favourites then, I might be disappointed…

4. Why did you want to compete this month?

Actually this question is answered above as well, it’s all full on youth sentiment! And I love to challenge myself and my sewing a bit, not to sew the same kind of things over and over again. This has been a fun way to do things a bit different for once.
5. Tell us about people you have met while blogging.

Meeting new people, either online or in real life, is one of the best things of blogging. I’ve met so many talented and inspiring people online through blogging, I don’t know where to begin telling about them. However, a very special meeting was last April, when I met up with thirteen other sewing bloggers from all over Europe, for a weekend in Paris, Paris Sew Social. It was amazing to travel abroad to meet a bunch of people you only know online, and two days later it felt like leaving thirteen good old friends… You can read more about the trip here if you’d like to!

6. What do you do when you’re not blogging?

When I’m not blogging or sewing, I’m mainly mom and wife, to my three kiddos (2, 5 & 7 years old) and one husband. A lot of spare time has gone into designing my first sewing pattern lately, which was released last week, the Hiekka Wrap Skirt. Now that that first one is out in the world, I can’t wait to draft the second one… Besides all of that, I run my own business in office management and event organisation, which is my actual job. Not much time is left for other hobbies or occupations, but if possible, I like to read, a lot. (I told you, I’m a Hermione-style nerd!)

7. What do you enjoy reading?

Not only do I like to read a lot, I also like to read a lot of different kind of books, ranging from chicklit and thrillers to literature. Though I must confess that, ever since having kids, my tolerance for thrillers has gone down immensely… They are being replaced by old favourites from my youth, that I reread to the kids now.



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