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Murder She Wrote with Crafty Biggers

Posted on Jun 21, 2016 by in Mystery Month, Season 4 | 2 comments

Hi! I’m Erin from CraftyBiggers. This is my first time participating in CraftingCon but I totally stalked the blog to make sure I studied up. 😉 I was talking the theme over with my Sew Sister (everyone totally needs one) and she threw out Murder She Wrote and I thought YES! I love me some Jessica Fletcher. I used to love sitting with my mom and watching Murder She Wrote and Matlock back to back.


The things that I always remembered about her was that she always looked so put together and polished. She wore lots of pearls, blouses and khaki’s. Goodwill came to the rescue with this look.

I found the bracelet and necklace there for under $1 each. The blouse a self drafted from a blouse we found that even had an attached ascot.

I removed the sleeves and cut it across the top right above the 2nd button. I flipped it around and shaped the neckline and the V back. The collar made for a great binding on the neck and the sleeve openings were just turned under twice.

The shorts are my go-to shorts for my girls, the Clemence Shorts from Filles à Maman. I love the simple flat front and clean lines. I swapped out red pipping for the flat ruffle that the pattern calls for. Can I give a shout out to patterns that go beyond a size 10??

Maddie deals with sensory issues and prefers her clothes to me simple and fuss free. There are no zips, buttons or ties. She has already worn it twice in the week since I’ve made it. That’s about as big a compliment as a sewing mama can get.

I’m pretty sure if Murder She Wrote were on the air today this is
exactly the type of style Angela Fletcher would be rocking. Classy as

My little bookworm has claimed this book as her own and I’m totally good with letting Ms. Fletcher influence the next generation.



  1. Truly adorable! Nicely done!

  2. Love it! It’s so impressive to me when you make a totally different piece of clothing from a button down! Beautiful job!

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