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Nausicaä Inspired by Keep Calm and Carrion

Posted on Sep 30, 2015 by in Season 3, Studio Ghibli | 0 comments


Well, let’s start with my awkward hello.  Hi! I’m Alyssa.  You’ll find me at Keep Calm and Carrion. We are complete geeks in this house… books, shows, movies… all of it. I consider it parental success that my kids are developing nicely as geeklings.  We are also huge Miyazaki fans in this house.  So I am REALLY excited to show off some Studio Ghibli themed sewing for this month’s CraftingCon.

Connor and Inara have seen everything from Castle of Caligostro to Ponyo.  Some of our DVDs are imported subtitled versions, and the kids love when we voice the movies for them.  Connor really loves Ponyo.  For a while he carried around a bucket with a plastic fish in it, but we have thankfully grown out of that phase.  Inara on the other hand, has been a die-hard Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind fan since the first time she saw it.

For me, I love that she gets to see movies where the leads are strong, intelligent females.  For her, she likes that Nausicaä is a princess who flies, tames gigantic bugs, and fights bad guys with any weapon handy.

She calls this the “walking on Ohmu tentacles” pose.  If you’ve seen the movie, you’re singing that “lalala” song now, aren’t you?  In case you want to make your own Nausicaä outfit, here’s what we used.

Top: Jocole Cap-sleeve a-line cut at tunic length, with the sleeves cut as one piece with the bodice, and I added a mandarin style collar to look a bit more like Nausicaä’s outfit.  The tunic is made with microfleece, since its getting cooler here, and she plans on wearing it all-the-time.  I added the little ammo slots, just by cutting rectangles of the fleece and stitching them on using a pen to keep the bubble effect for each slot.

Pants: They are leggings.  Pretty simple.  But my go-to legging pattern is the LittleKiwisCloset Skinny Legs.  We have a ton of legging patterns, but I like this one because it has two different rises, and since little miss has a tush on her, it helps keep her covered.  The color was hard here… cream leggings can be, well.. a wardrobe malfunction, right?  I ended up using a cream colored ponte roma, but had to size up because there wasn’t a ton of stretch there.

Legs:  To add the calf covers that Nausicaä wears, I pulled out the Candy Castle Licorice Bits Leg warmers (non slouchy option).  They’re made in a nice jegging fabric, so they ought to both keep her a little warm, and hold up well to wear.

As for our Ohmu… well he took a little thought.  Inara asked for an Ohmu that she could cuddle, which sort of locked out any ideas for a textured vinyl… and then we struck on the idea of an Ohmu pillow… cuddly and functional right?  I used some plain blizzard fleece in an army green and bright red to make the eyes.  He’s a well loved little guy.

I was a little worried at first that we’d end up looking too cosplay for daily wear, but then I remembered 2 things… (1) cosplay is totally okay for daily wear and (2) she’s my independent dress-how-she-likes little girl and after she meticulously picked which Nausicaä look she wanted and which fabrics she liked, she was going to get a ton of use out of this outfit!

So thanks for checking out our take on Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.  If you haven’t yet seen it, it really is one of my favorite Miyazaki films as well, and great to watch with the kids!

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