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Newspaper Carrier Tutorial from Gemia of Phat Quarters

Posted on Aug 12, 2015 by in 1980's Films, Season 3 | 1 comment

Hi, I am Gemia from Phat Quarters. Last month I was a competitor for the theme of My Little Ponies. This month I get to share a tutorial with you. I was born in 1980 so when I say I was an 80’s child, I literally mean a child. Some of my favorite movies growing were Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Neverending Story, Princess Bride, Beetlejuice, and of course Star Wars, E.T., Goonies, Indianan Jones, Back to the Future, and Ghostbusters. The 80’s was a great decade for movies!!!

With all that being said I never saw the movie Better off Dead until my husband introduced it to me a few years after we were married. It is perfectly award, dorky, and one of my husbands favorites. My favorite character in the movie,is the paper boy, so after bouncing around a few different ideas for this tutorial I finally settled on a Paper-Boy Carrier.


Paper-Boy Carrier
*These supplies are for a size 4-5Old Pull-Over VestLarge sheet of paper

Large Ruler

1/2 Yard Heavy Muslin
(1) Gromet(1) ‘D’ Ring
Basic Sewing Supplies
**Optional** Black Fabric Paint

The first this thing that you need to do is create your pattern. Find an old pull-over vest, lay it on your paper, and draw around the edges. Using a large ruler straighten out your lines so that everything looks smooth. Then draw a vertical line down the center of the pattern, this is your FOLD line. Cut out your pattern, then cut out your muslin. You will need to cut 2 vest pieces from the muslin on the fold. You will also need to cut out 4 strips that are 3xWOF (width of fabric).

After your have cut those pieces you will need to fold the pattern piece 1″ below the armhole to create a rectangle. Use this to cut out 1 pocket piece. You do NOT need to add in a seam allowance as the pieces will only be sewn together at the shoulders.

Hem one raw edge of the pocket piece. With right side together, secure the remaining 3 raw edges to the base of 1 of your vest pieces. Turn the pocket right side out. Find the center of the pocket and pin it tot he center of the vest. Stitch along this pinned line to create two pockets.

Attach both vest pieces, right sides together, at the should seam.
Using 2 of the 3″ x WOF strips create a double fold binding for the raw edges of your vest pieces. Secure the tape to the raw edges starting at the edge of one pocket and continue around until you reach the opposite edge of the pocket. Stitch the raw edges. Then fold the tape in-half towards the right side of the vest and pin it down. Stitch along the inside edge of the tape.
Take the remaining 3 strips of muslin and make a double fold tape out of them. To do this take on strip and fold then press it in half. Open up the tape and take one raw edge and fold it into the center fold that you just created from pressing. Press this new fold down. Repeat this for the other raw edge (or side). Then, keeping the new folds in tack, re-press your original fold. Starting at the bottom stitch the length of the tape on each finished edge. Then you will need to hem one short end.  Repeat this for each strip. Then cut 1 of the strips in half and set one of these new pieces aside.
Use the other new strip to create a decorative strip along the front vest. You can restitch over the lines in the strip or stitch along the center to secure it to the vest.

Take the raw edge of one strip and fold the edge under. Place the folded raw edge against the edge of the pocket, approximately halfway up from the bottom of the pocket. Stitch the fold in place and repeat for the other side.

Take the other strip and hem one edge. Fold over the other raw edge, like you just did and pin that in the center of your decorative strap on the right side of the front of the vest. Stitch this in place.

Now we are going to insert the grommet. First we are going to create a reinforcement rectangle so that the grommet does not pull through the fabric. I just took a scrap and folded in all the raw edges. Then I secured it to the wrong side of the vest above the decorative strip and stitched it in place.

Now we need to cut a small X in the center the reinforcement rectangle to place the grommet in. Once the hole is cut push the backside of the grommet through and set it.

Lastly we will add a the ‘D’ ring to the center strip. To do this you simply loop the strap around the ring and top stitch the strap to itself. Now you are done. To wear the vest simply wrap the side straps around the waist and through the ‘D’ ring. You can tie the straps at the front or continue to wrap around and tie under the vest at the center of the back. Because this is a carrier inspired by Better Off Dead, I painted $2 on each pocket with black fabric paint.
The carrier also works great for little farmers when you wear it with the pockets in front.
My little Paper- Boy had a blast walking to our neighborhood park delivering (very old) newspapers to everyone. Just be sure if you play this game you walk behind them and pick up all the delivered newspapers!
Thanks for reading this tutorial today. We would love to see your carriers if you make one, so be sure to link up your creations to the linky party. It will be open for the whole Season of Crafting Con and there will be great prizes involved! Also be sure to see which bloggers are competing! They put in a lot of work and would love to hear from you!
If you want to keep up with me you can find me on the following social media forums; Etsy, Facebook, Blog, Instagram, Pinterest.


1 Comment

  1. OMG I LOVE this movie. That made me laugh. It is one of the more obscure 80’s movies, and definitely one of my favorites.
    Awesome job!

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