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Pink Butterfly Costume by Sew Starly

Posted on Oct 24, 2016 by in Costume Party | 0 comments


I’m Starly, I blog over at It’s October over at Craftingcon which means Costumes and Cosplay all month long. I am showing off my daughter’s Halloween Costume this year. A few weeks ago I asked her what she wanted to be. I don’t know what exactly I was hoping for, but when butterfly came out of her mouth, the initial reaction in my head was something like “meh”.

Who’s a mom to judge though, right? I played eager and asked her some questions about what she wanted. I had purchased the new Peek-a-Boo Patterns Wing set. I was going to make wings in Stenzo patchwork. I was going to make some solid basics to go under it.

A few days later she was in the dress up box. She pulled out a pink pair of store bought wings we’ve had for years and said “Mom, here’s my butterfly wings for my costume, now I just need a tutu, oh, here’s a tutu too, I guess I just need a shirt, will you go in my room and find a pink shirt”

Was I just fired from Halloween? This would be the second year in a row because last year she wanted to be the Pink Power Ranger and I wasn’t going to make that.


I decided it wasn’t going to go down like that this year. If she wanted the pink wings she could have them but I was at least going to make something super cute to go with them. I also decided I would make them mostly out of apparel fabric so they would fold into her wardrobe after.

I started with the Bimaa from Lou Bee Clothing. Bimaa is probably one of my favorite patterns ever. It has so many options. I have printed it for the last 3 falls and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I have also made several for gifts. For this one I used some leftover pink panne velvet originally from Joann’s from my stash and mixed in some cotton lycra stripes also from my stash


I used the same stripes for her leggings. This is the Leggins pattern from Love Notions. If you join the Love Notions Pattern Support Group on Facebook you will find a coupon that makes the leggings free!


The skirt is the new Love Notions girls skater skirt. Another fabulous free pattern (Join group for coupon). I sewed the skirt in some ombre pink sparkle knit from I’ve been holding on to for a couple of years. I was not sure if she would go for the skirt over the crazy big tutu she had already picked out but I knew she would like to wear it generally so it would still be useful. To my delight she loved the skirt and put the tutu back in the box =)


Lastly I wanted something to take it over the top a little. I decided to order a mask from Amazon. She loves masks and I had yet to really spend anything on the costume itself so at less than $9 it was a bargain.


I’m super happy with the pieces I made. The whole thing is adorable. She is super proud of her costume and excited that she helped come up with it.



Lest anyone think I am done with costumes this season we have “Bring Books to Life for Literacy Day” and “50th day of School 50’s Sock Hop” costumes all needed for school the same week as Halloween! Those will make an appearance on My Blog over the next couple of weeks.

Happy Halloween!



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