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Princess Zelda at lake Hyrule by Better Dressed Child

Posted on Jul 19, 2016 by in Season 4, The Legends of Zelda | 0 comments

Hi!  I am Kim from Better Dressed Child(formally Kimmie Sew Crazy).  I am so excited to share my Zelda inspired everyday outfit today.  
I am a huge fan of Zelda, all the way back to the first game on the original Nintendo, right through The Ocarina of Time in Nintendo 64.  Than I became a mom, and lost all extra time to play video games.  Unfortunately my sons are not as big of fans as I am.  Every birthday I not so secretly wish they will request the newest Zelda game.  It never happens.  I suppose it is a good thing because Zelda is addicting for me and my real life responsibilities would probably get put on the back burner.
Ok, so on with the outfit.  Here is my main inspiration photo.  For the most part I pulled the colors and mixed it with my own thoughts on the game.  
I somewhat tried to combine Princess Zelda and Link into Mila’s outfit.  I wanted the outfit to be something Mila would actually wear again.  As well as something she would love.
The skirt was more Zelda inspired and the top Link inspired.  If link were a girl, I think he would of wear this : ).  
I asked my son where he thought my outfit inspiration came from…he said the Illuminati : ).  Obviously he is not as big of a Zelda fan as I am.  This entire outfit is self drafted.  I really had gotten lucky.  I just guessed on the top measurements and it worked!  I used a rectangle piece of fabric and created a head hole in the center and button holes to hold a leather belt.  I of course had to add the Triforce emblem!
Princess Zelda at lake Hyrule
Mila was somewhat not so into this photo-shoot.  She had to pee which made for really quick pictures.  Lately she always has to pee when I want to take pictures of her,  I wonder if that should be a hint that she really does not want her picture taken.
I adore this top!!! It came together so much better than I had imagined.  It’s also perfect for our HOT July weather.




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