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Rosie Cotton by I Married Superman

Posted on Dec 15, 2014 by in Lord of the Rings, Season 2 | 0 comments

Hello all you Crafting Conners!  I am so excited to be here!  When I first signed up for Crafting Con on the month celebrating Lord of the Rings, I was a little worried.  I tend to overcomplicate this type of thing and I stressed that I’d have to set aside 426 hours of my life to have a LOTR marathon in search of inspiration for something to make.

But then I remembered that I live with a hobbit.  Light bulb!  Crisis averted.  426 hours saved.  {I kid.  But really, Peter Jackson, why are they so loooooong????}

So for my little hobbit girl, I decided to create a Modern Rosie Cotton look.

Wait, What?  You don’t remember Rosie???  That’s ok, neither did Superman.  {Of course, he mainly sleeps through LOTR.}  Rosie is Samwise Gamgee’s dancin’ barmaid crush in the movie.  And later she becomes his wife in one of the many endings of the movie, remember?  Just google her, you’ll remember!

Let’s move on because Madelyn clearly missed her calling in life.  She belongs in The Shire.  She’s so hobbit-tastic it’s scary.

My main inspiration came from Rosie’s wedding dress.  I wanted to simplify the look so that it would have a more modern vibe, but still feel pretty and girly.  To keep things simple and classic, I stuck with material and a style that I knew would be durable and wearable.  {Knit and stretch lace}  In this house, if it won’t last, I won’t make it.  {Life with four kids and all that ;)….}

I started by drafting a simple t-shirt style pattern with half sleeves and a cropped waist.  Of course, no dancing hobbit can be seen without a skirt that twirls, so I used Madelyn’s measurements to create a circle skirt of sorts.

When she spins, it twirls but Madelyn’s dancing mainly consisted of bouncing and raising of hands during the photoshoot.  You get what you get with a two year old, am I right?

Because I used lace, I was able to enclose all of the outer seams/hems which made for a more professional finish when you see it in real life.  And I wish you could see it in real life.  It’s like cuteness overload with this hobbit girl.

The final touch to the look was a simple flower headband which I made by hot glueing soft elastic together and attaching silk flowers.

The Shire scenes are my favorite scenes in all of the movies, so I wanted this look to capture the “essence of the Shire.”  Whoa.  That felt cheesey.  You know what I mean, right?  Happy, innocent, free, without a care….ready to eat anything…including a bouquet of flowers….

And of course I couldn’t end without giving a “nod” to barmaid Rosie.  “This my friend is a pint.”

Whoops, wrong hobbit.  I’ll stop.  Thanks for having me on Crafting Con–it’s been a fun honor!

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