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Scooby Doo with The Fairy Dust Bin

Posted on Jun 16, 2016 by in Mystery Month, Season 4 | 0 comments

Hi, I’m Kate. I blog over at The Fairy Dust Bin, and I’m excited to be back at Crafting Con again for Mystery month! There are a lot of great mystery themes to choose from, but you have to have Scooby Doo! It was a favorite of mine as a kid, though I’m not sure my own kids really appreciate it as much. This gave me an excuse to watch a few episodes, and I might have thrown in one of the movies that came out several years ago. Research, right?

I used Velma and Daphne as my inspiration. Orange and red are Cy’s colors, and originally I’d planned to make him an oversized sweatshirt, a la Velma’s sweater. He’s lost several hoodies this year, and was in need of a warm layer anyway. I had everything ready to go… Then suddenly summer kicked in and we had a bunch of 90 degree days! No amount of bribery was getting him in a sweatshirt, so I whipped up something more appropriate for the hot weather. For my super casual dude, an orange Patterns for Pirates Matey Muscle Tank and some red Peek-a-Boo Patterns Coastal Craze Baggies were just the thing for solving mysteries in the heat.

I tried to get Ellie to choose Fred or Shaggy, to keep the swapped gender theme, but she’s Daphne all the way and I just love how her outfit came out! The LOL Swing Top from Jennuine Designs is twirly and breezy, perfect for warm weather. I used purple lawn for most of the top, and a bright green for the back yoke and binding to pull in the green from Daphne’s scarf. Instead of hemming, I used bias to bind the bottom. It gave me a place to add the two tone purple of Daphne’s original dress, and is also so much easier than hemming. I didn’t get a good close up, but the button on the shoulder is a puppy as a nod to Scooby himself. Pink Made for Mermaids Bonny Leggings complete her outfit.

I love that while these outfits definitely took inspiration from the show, they are also so typical of each child’s style. We went to the park, and over by the clock tower we found our own mystery! Who is that in the mask?

Jinkies! It’s the Man-less Horsehead who haunts the tower!

After a quick chase, they caught up and realized it was no monster, but a man in a mask. It’s always someone in a mask, right? Time for the unmasking!

Aww, it’s just Dad trying to make our Scooby Doo photo shoot fitting for the newest members of Mystery Inc! Now it’s time for these meddling kids to go solve another mystery.

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