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Sherlock Inspired by Pen Seb Rox

Posted on Jun 23, 2016 by in Mystery Month, Season 4 | 0 comments


Hello CraftingCon fans, I’m Rox of PenSeb&Rox! Today I have a free template for a Sherlock inspired stencil. If there is one thing that the modern incarnation of Sherlock Holmes and my 5 year-old have in common, it is the fact they are bit famous for being bored.



At least Seb is famous around our house for being bored. He laments over the fact often enough I wonder if he is upset that we are not a family of mystery solving sleuths!


I thought it would be fun to make Seb a “bored” shirt on the off-change somebody is unaware that he finds 80% of everything boring. The raglan pattern is New Horizon’s Streamline Tee. I used freezer paper to stencil a design using Sherlock’s smiley graffiti and the word “bored”.


After the two coats of yellow fabric paint dried. I went over the smiley with two coats of glow-in-the-dark fabric paint. Sadly, I could not get a good shot of the effect but you get the idea.


Now it was a mystery to me why my perpetually bored child was acting decidedly un-bored and pretty silly too, while I was photographing him in the shirt. Why the sudden change of heart? He later confessed that the shirt was smiling at him and he could not help smiling back!


If you wish to make your own shirt as a tribute for your perpetually bored kid or as a tribute to intellectual superiority, you can download this PDF file of the graphic I made. I designed the graphic with adult sizing in mind, for Seb’s size 5 shirt I printed the file at 85%.



I guess this is what a bored 5 year-old looks like?

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