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Skirt Colorblocking Tutorial with Sew Starly

Posted on Jul 29, 2015 by in My Little Pony, Season 3 | 0 comments

DSC_2767Hi! I am Starly. I blog over at I am Guest Posting at Craftingcon for My Little Pony Month! We are huge MLP fans over at my house. I had tons of ideas for this post. I even pre-bought rainbow knit in anticipation for a Rainbow Dash something.When I brought my daughter in on the project she had very strong opinions that we should do Sunset Shimmer from Rainbow Rocks.   Sunset_Shimmer_ID_EG   4 year olds are very literal so I tried to do an inspired by outfit, close enough to meet her expectations, but appropriate for a preschooler. I will show you my outfit and then talk through how to do the color blocking on the skirt. Click the Sunset Shimmer image to the left to read all about her on the Friendship is Magic Wiki. DSC_2794For the Jacket I used the Violet Fields Threads Molly Jacket. I did not have any black woven fabric so I used Cotton Lycra for the black side. The reverse is done in chambray.I used a Hotfix Applicatorto add some bling to the collar. Since it’s July and she was very keen on needing the jacket part of the outfit, I used the short sleeve version of the Molly.DSC_2799For the top I used the Gracious Threads Rainbow Tee in the solid option. I up-cycled an old shirt of mine for the fabric and made a cutie mark from scraps. I originally tried to free hand paint a cutie mark  but that was a total fail. My terrible painting is conveniently hidden by the fabric one so no one will ever have to see =)   DSC_2832For the skirt I used the Gracious Threads Cirrus Skirt. I used  Stenzo Floral Stripes Red from Mabel Madison for the main fabric. The mix of red and orange was perfect for Sunset Shimmer.  I omitted the pockets to keep it simple so I could color block the skirt. I will share how I did the color blocking further down. DSC_2775As a nod to Sunset Shimmer’s fiery red and orange hair I cut some knit strips, pulled on them so they would curl up, and then tied them through my daughter’s hair. I love the effect and they were super easy to take out. I will use this method again if I ever feel the need for a “wig” for a costume. I could have tied a ton more in there and it would have been fine.

Skirt Colorblocking

Let’s talk about colorblocking the skirt. I used the Gracious Threads Cirrus Skirt for this which I love but you can do the colorblocking on any a-line skirt pattern.


1. Cut out your front and back skirt pieces from your main fabric.


2. Draw your first colorblock line on the pattern piece. I started this one 3 inches from the top on the left side and ended 2.5 inches from the center at the bottom


3. Line up your ruler to draw your second colorblock line parallel and exactly two inches to the left of your first.


4. Cut your pattern on the two lines you just drew. The two smaller pieces will be your new pattern pieces for the colorblocking


5.Now we will cut the new fabric pieces. For the triangle piece you will need to add a 3/8 in seam allowance to the right side. I do this by lining up my ruler 3/8 past the pattern piece and cutting with my rotary. You could also trace the piece then add the extra 3/8 on your paper if youd prefer to cut a new pattern piece


For the middle piece you will need to add 3/8 to both sides. I use my ruler again to do this.


New Center Piece


Take the leftover part of the main pattern piece and line up the fold line with the center of the skirt front you cut out earlier. Add 3/8 inch to the left side of the pattern piece then cut.


Sew your three new front pieces together using a 3/8 inch seam allowance for both seams. You now have a new colorblocked front skirt piece. Assemble the rest of the pattern according to instructions.


The plan all along was that this would be Sunset Shimmer from Rainbow Rocks and that she would have a Guitar. At the last minute before the photoshoot my daughter protested that she changed her mind and needed to be the “Bad” version of Sunset Shimmer from Equestria Girls.


“Bad” Sunset Shimmer from Equestria Girls

We compromised and she got to be both =) I hope you have enjoyed this post. We had such a great time participating. My daughter has already worn all of her MLP gear to school and has requested a Cutie Mark Crusaders cape next so it looks like I will be sewing My Little Pony into August =) DSC_2759



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