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Stormtrooper Dress by Giddyants

Posted on May 18, 2016 by in Season 4, Star Wars | 0 comments


Hooray! It’s Star Wars month!
Hi I’m Alex and you can find me over on my blog called Giddyants.  I’m excited to back for some more CraftingCon fun as I enjoyed it so much last year.
When I saw the Star Wars month it was a no brainer to sign up.  Our Little Miss started to enjoy Star Wars a bit last year and especially likes the Stormtroopers.  She’s yet to learn that technically they’re the bad guys. She gets so excited when she sees them and her favourite drink bottle has Stormtroopers on it.  When I originally signed up I was playing with some other ideas but she got so excited when she got this mask I knew I had to make her something to go with it.
Our girl loves wearing dresses and has gotten to that stage where she’s quite adamant about wearing one, so I knew it had to be something dress-like.  When looking for ideas I remembered by Blue Ridge Dress by Hello Holli and the bodice line really reminded me of a Stormtrooper’s chest plate so I started with that.
To add some extra detail I wanted to add three stitching lines to echo the Stormtrooper’s armour.  I was worried that the original gathered skirt would lose this detail so I drafted my own a-line skirt from the bodice.  I’ve not really done a lot of pattern drafting before, especially to this extent so I was pleased (and a little amazed) that it all worked well.
The black bias binding on the bodice worked nicely for my Stormtrooper dress and I added some more on the hem to finish it off.  It was a bit time consuming to do all that binding, and I don’t want to see any bias binding for a while, but it was worth it I reckon.
I’m so happy with how it turned out,  She was very excited when I finished it.  I reckon she’ll want to wear it a lot so I’m not sure how long it will be staying this white…
Thanks for looking and I hope you like my Stormtrooper look.

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