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Tonks by Giddyants

Posted on Sep 14, 2016 by in Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Season 4 | 0 comments

Hi, it’s Alex here from Giddyants.  I love participating in CraftingCon so I instantly signed up when I saw there was going to be a Harry Potter month.


I have to admit I’m the Harry Potter fan here.  Freya is still a little young and we once made the mistake of watching the early movies while she was around and forgot about an upcoming dementor scene.  Let’s just say it took a long time to get her to sleep that week and I’m hoping we haven’t scared her away from Harry Potter for life.


Although I love Harry Potter, it took me ages to settle on an idea.  In the end I kept googling characters and watching scenes and finally got the idea of Tonks.  I always really liked the character of Tonks in the books and the movies and when I showed Freya the picture of her she was sold by the pink hair.


For this outfit I made a simple hooded top out of some grey material I’d never really known what to do with.  For the coat I used a pattern by Shwin designs as my base.  I used a bigger size for the skirt part and I thought it would have gathered a bit more than it did to be honest.  I also didn’t add lining and just used a black cotton so it would be a lot thinner and more flowing.


I just used simple press studs along the collar and length of the coat.  It was only after taking the pictures, I’d realised I hadn’t buttoned them up straight!  As Miranda pointed out though it’s kind of a very Tonks-ish thing to do so I didn’t retake the photos.


We had a lot of fun taking these photos.  I used some chalk for her hair which was VERY exciting for a 4 year old girly-girl.  She had lots of fun trying to turn me and her dad into frogs!


Thanks once again for having me here and I hope you like what I came up with!

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