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Trivial Pursuit Inspired by Frances Suzanne

Posted on May 6, 2015 by in Board Games, Season 2 | 0 comments

Hi all of you Crafting Con friends and followers!! We are thrilled to be here today…kicking off a month of BOARD GAME INSPIRATION!! That’s right…a month of “gaming fun!” We’ve only done this sort of challenge once before, but decided it would be worth creating another garment based on a board game.


After much deliberation, we opted to sew a garment inspired by the classic game, Trivial Pursuit. While it is a “classic,” this is one of those games that you either “LOVE IT” or “HATE IT!” We personally prefer the “Junior Edition” 🙂 to the “Genius Edition” {ie: the inspiration behind the garment}…and being the intuitive ones that you are, can probably determine why!

So…the challenge was to make the finished look be INSPIRED!! Hmmmmmm… goes nothing. And, like the game, you may have a LOVE / HATE RELATIONSHIP with the completed creation. **Pssst: just between us, we did too at times!


Our first step was to discuss all the intricacies of Trivial Pursuit – the board, the category pieces, the pie pieces, the colors, and the questions / categories cards….then, to hone into our areas of focus.

The “board” {Figgy’s Ayashe Blouse, sz: 2/3 with length added}: A classic, navy blouse accented with GOLD {yes, we screamed…GOLD} piping on the sleeves and back yoke was our starting point. Have you ever noticed the gold accents on Trivial Pursuit?? Well, they are there, friends…and seriously gives this game a little “edge” {if we do say so ourselves}.


The “category pieces”: A perfect, triangular ribbon trim – complete with 6 colored triangles – accented the front of the blouse, collar area, and created the skirt’s ribbon tie. What’s the big deal about 6 triangles?? Wait for it….this is JUST. LIKE. THE. GAME!


The “pie pieces” on white skirt {Oliver + S, Swingset Skirt}: Six embroidered pie pieces wrap around the skirt, each filled with a random number of “category pieces.” Again, six pie pieces replicated the maximum number of players per game and the colors were coordinated to match the “category pieces” ribbon used on the blouse and skirt tie.


As for the colors? While they aren’t a perfect match to the “Genius Edition,” we did coordinate the colors of the “category pieces” ribbon with the embroidery used for the skirt’s “pie pieces.” What’s a competition without a little hand embroidery from us?!?!


*Please note: the pink, gold, and lime were eerily close to the actual “Genius Edition.” Three of six isn’t too shabby, right? 500% for all you baseball fans. Too bad that wasn’t in the “sports and leisure” category! But, we digress…


There was a winning pie piece on the skirt – the navy one. Thus, tying back to the game board blouse. Following??

The other pie pieces had a variety of category pieces collected and placed within their given embroidered areas.


We had a LOT of fun taking these pictures! EA got the synopsis of the game on our way to take photos, and was ready to play when we got there. She had us in stitches while playing her very serious game and didn’t appreciate our laughing at her while she was “playing.”


Still, what’s one to do when the child throws her hands up in despair and states, “But I don’t even know what geography is!” when preparing to answer a question in the “geography category??”

A touch competitive that one is…

Speaking of competition: we are SO EXCITED to see what the other competitors for the month have been up to….each creation is sure to be fantastic, with a special twist to a familiar game.


As for us? We may have a Trivial Pursuit fanatic on our hands! And if you aren’t convinced, we’re sharing more of our “game moments” {and a slew of pictures} on Frances Suzanne today.



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