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Veronica Mars by Inspinration

Posted on Jun 29, 2016 by in Mystery Month, Season 4 | 3 comments

Hi, it is Miranda from Inspinration. It is my
first time being hereand I am super excited. I love to sew for my four
kids and occasionally fill my own closet. Jersey is my favorite fabric
to work with. I love sewing themes and challenges because they
provides some restrictions to my overly inspired brain.

By now you all know it is Mystery month here at Craftingcon. My
absolute favorite detective tv show is Veronica Mars. I am actually
underselling it, Veronica Mars is my favorite tv show of all time. It
is the only show that I have seen three times, front to back and I am
definitely going to watch it again. Mystery, great dialogs and an epic
love, I could not ask for more.


When I committed to sewing Veronica Mars inspired, I did not expect
any difficulties. When I actually started planning, I realized that I
had no clue what Veronica’s style is. In my eyes she wears regular
clothes, but that was not going to cut it for this post. Pony tales,
summer clothes, a cap and a camera prop were the things that I came up
with on my own, but I needed guidance. So I searched and actually
found an interview
with the costume designer from the show; how cool is that! The content
of the interview was very informative, but made me a bit sad.
Veronica’s style is army inspired, so a lot of green (the least
represented color in my stash) with some pink details and overall
relatively plain clothes (she is trying to not draw attention to


My large upcycle pile was a life saver. I found enough greenish brown
fabrics in it to work with. Veronica and her dad do not have much
money to spend, so she would definitely approve of making new from
old. I regularly upcycle and I always plan to make ‘before’ pictures,
but sometimes I do not. This is one of those occasions. I thought that
you do not really need before pictures, you can imagine how the
clothes looked like. Having that picture with a too big garment on a
small child always gives me a smile though. Note to self: always,
always make before pics.


Veronica lives with her dad and she loves him deeply. I upcycled one
of my husband’s shirts to make a skirt, and I like the symbolism.
Veronica’s mother abandoned them and although I will never abandon my
kids, I hope they will have such a good bond with their dad as the one
Veronica has.

Veronica is very resourceful and often solves two issues at the same
time. I appreciate that efficiency and use it often. Blaverry is redrafting some of her
patterns and I had the honor to help out during the re-testing phase.
The skirt pattern of my outfit is Blaverry’s Pea skirt. It
just perfectly fits the style I was going for, special detail but


The shirt that I upcycled had a sports print on the front, short
sleeves, a fake layered effect and simple round neckline (like I wrote
earlier, “before” pictures would have been helpful). Veronica would
not wear a shirt with a front print, but a back print fits her.
Veronica is into basketball (due to Wallace), but I believe her dad
does like baseball. The club is all wrong, but let’s just say that she
is just trying to tease her dad.


The shirt is based on the redrafted version of the Quinly from Blaverry.
I had to adjust the armholes though because the fabric was a bit too
narrow. The new collar option is perfect for my desired look, as
Veronica seems to love collars.

Already in the first episode, it is pointed out that Veronica is not
the tough girl she pretends to be. She has a hidden soft side, which
inspired me to make a reversible shirt. I put dark flowers on the
other side, Veronica is a bit damaged, so even her softer inside does
not involve rainbows and unicorns.


In a few episodes Veronica wears a cap, and it gives her a very iconic
look. If you google the name of the show, you will find pictures of
her with the cap. I do not know if they put it in to make a Sherlock
Holmes reference, but it does fit the army style totally. I adapted a
hat pattern from an Ottobre to make something
resembling. I made it reversible again. This time I did choose a very
happy fabric, not very Veronica, but it does fit my daughter, and I
feel her style should also be represented a bit.

Veronica is often wearing layers, because Kristen Bell, the actress
was easily cold. Reading this made me realize how happy Kristen must
have been that Frozen was an animation movie! I did not make the pink
vest that you can see in the first picture. It just has the perfect
color and shape and I felt it was a nice addition to the shoot.


My girl loved doing the shoots (yes there were multiple, I just could
not find the perfect shot). Veronica is often bending the law in the
show and for the first shoot we went to my daughter’s school over the
weekend and jumped the fence. My daughter doesn’t speak English yet,
so she does not know the show (and seeing she is eight, she is a bit
young for the content as well), but she loved the idea of dressing up
as a big girl. I showed her some pics that I was trying to mimic, but
although she tried, she just does not look tough enough. That is not
really a problem though, I hope my girl will not have to be tough for
several years.




  1. Eeeekkkk!!! I love love love this!! Veronica Mars is my favorite show of all times too!
    I am definitely going to have to add some Veronica style clothing to my girls closet!

      • Many people saw your awesome VMars story on twitter, even Rob Thomas the creator of Veronica Mars. Plus Salvador Perez, the costume designer from the show. Rob even retweet it!

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